Our value add

Riviera Capital's Value Add

Finding and Assessing Opportunities

Riviera Capital's on the ground team continually identifies and vets investment opportunities in the country. This provides investors the opportunity to access investments in companies or greenfield projects exhibiting significant growth potential.

Engaging Solid Management

Riviera Capital engages strong, experienced and motivated teams and empowers them to achieve clearly defined growth targets and gain first mover advantage in an economy with significant growth potential.

Value-driven Transactions

We structure and execute investment transactions aiming at creating sustainable value for company management and investors alike. 

Intrusive Oversight and Monitoring

We deploy continuous and intrusive oversight to manage risks, ensure integrity of financial reporting, and monitor company operational and financial performance. 

Supporting our Portfolio Companies

Riviera Capital’s investee companies enjoy the benefits of deep financial resources and full support in strategy development, financial planning and control, business development, marketing, business strategy, legal and government matters.