Armenia’s economy is at the cusp of a significant growth path.

We believe Armenia’s economy is at the cusp of a significant growth path. Thus, heightened FDI interest in Armenia, recent government changes in the country, and an increased engagement of Armenia’s 10 million Diaspora with its home country will catalyze a period of strong economic growth and highlight the investment drivers of the country:

  1. High growth potential inherent to a newly emerging country and window of opportunity for competitive players to gain first mover advantage in number of sectors
  2. Armenia’s potential to act as a regional hub serving multiple economic blocs
  3. An economy displaying macro and financial stability

We see a compelling case for well-financed, well-managed, innovative and opportunistic economic players to enter the Armenian market, establish strong market positions and benefit from low-hanging growth opportunities in a number of sectors.

Our vision is to become a vehicle allowing foreign investors, including those from the Armenian Diaspora, to partake in the attractive investment opportunities available in Armenia, and assist in the growth of profitable, sustainable and socially-responsible companies with an important economic impact.