Investment Process

Riviera Capital's Investment Process

On the ground team with international experience brings global fiduciary standards and a professional investment approach to the local market.

Riviera Capital CJSC operates through a robust investment process evolving around:

Deal Origination

  • Proactive engagement with entrepreneurs
  • Investment team’s relationships with leading service providers, banks and international financial institutions
  • Active on the ground involvement with business and government networks


  • Investment thesis validation
  • Review of management, operations, business model and projections
  • Balancing business risk v/s macro risk v/s financial risk
  • Valuation analysis and exit options consideration with a focus on cash flow

Negotiations & Structuring

  • Internal Approvals
  • Structure to provide full approval rights to the Fund: Budget, CapEx spending, selection of key management (CFO), board rep., indebtedness triggers, etc.
  • Alignment of interest with management through incentive schemes and detailed KPI’s to ensure clear expectations of performance
  • Exit Provisions fully vetted and agreed up front

Operation Direction & Control

  • Unlock value by institutionalizing operations and strengthening the management team through intensive and frequent engagement
  • Guidance with strategy development to strengthen market position
  • Support growth though new revenue initiatives via fund network
  • Exit Preparation

Exit Preparation & Monetization

  • Proprietary network in local and neighboring markets
  • Evaluate and enable multiple exit routes
  • Drive price maximization
  • Strategic or Financial institutional acquisitions/ individual investors (local and regional), Management buyout, local market IPO if sizable break