Investment Strategy

Riviera Capital's Investment Strategy

Riviera Capital focuses on sectors displaying positive long-term fundamentals, backing strong, experienced and motivated management teams operating or launching companies with a sustainable growth potential.

Value Driven Active Investing

  • Capitalize on strong, experienced and motivated teams looking for funds to execute clearly defined growth targets
  • Value-driven transactions structured to align fund and company management success
  • Significant involvement and support by Fund leadership in portfolio company performance management
  • Continuous and intrusive financial oversight and monitoring to manage risks

Opportunity for Value-Add

  • Utilize Fund network to partner with experienced management teams
  • Long-term approach combined with operational value creation to develop regionally competitive, efficient businesses
  • Leverage Fund network to support portfolio companies in export promotion, efficient management, good practices in corporate governance and capital allocation

Preferred Sectors

  • Focus on sectors displaying positive long term fundamentals and/or reflecting opportunity for innovation through new product introductions, improved management approach and investment into technology
  • Export oriented industries with growth expectations higher than the GDP growth
  • Competitive local service firms with potential for market leadership positions and expansion into Georgia
  • Sectors in focus: HoReCa/Leisure, F&B, Ag/food processing, Animal husbandry/ Dairy/ Fisheries, Real Estate (residential and commercial), financial services, renewable/clean energy.

Target Company Profile

  • Operating companies in need of growth capital or looking to restructure their balance sheet
  • Will also  consider greenfield projects led by managers with a strong track record
  • Investee companies need to demonstrate a clear competitive advantage with a competent management team that value integrity and transparency

Deal Characteristics

  • Target equity stakes of 20%-100%
  • Average investment sizes of $500K-$2M in 7-10 transactions
  • Growth capital and/or capital to restructure balance sheet
  • Investment made through equity, preferred equity, mezzanine debt and convertible debt
  • If minority stake, strong contractual minority shareholder rights / collateral, exit puts
  • Performance based incentives to ensure proper alignment with management team of companies